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Why use WIN Time Software?

By Educators.

For Educators.

With Educators.

Our team has over 90 years of experience in education. WIN Time Software is designed, developed and supported by educators, not computer geeks. We listen to our schools and innovate to meet their needs.




Our goal is to streamline and supercharge your current processes, not to make you change your WIN Time processes. We want to make your WIN Time program easier, faster and better.

3 million+



After helping schools make over 3 million student placements via Class Creator we have the experience to ensure our schools are happy and successful. From ease of use, to data security, we've got you covered.

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We're not after a "sale", we're more interested in making sure we can help our schools achieve their goals. So please have a play/watch and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.

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About Us

Designed, developed, and supported by educators WIN Time Software helps schools all over the world optimize their WIN Time Program.

Tim Bowman
CEO & Educator

Tim has been a elementary school teacher for over thirteen years. His frustration when making classes for his students was the catalyst for Class Creator. Tim is also the author of 88 Ways to Teach more Effectively, and the father of two awesome kids.

Corinne Bowman
COO & Educator

Corinne has worked as an elementary school teacher in Australia and Hong Kong. A passionate environmentalist, Corinne has also been the director of education for the Jane Goodall Institute. Corinne loves cooking, yoga, trail running, being a mum and having everything organized!

Karl Kopp
CTO & Tech Guru

Karl has created technical platforms for Australia's leading businesses including Ford, Telstra, Qantas, BHP and Australia Post. Karl's technical skills and focus on user experience has ensured Class Creator is secure, reliable and flexible. Karl is married, has three kids and loves his Richmond Tigers.


WTS supports U.S. public school teachers to bring their classroom dreams to life

From helping pay for phonics materials in AZ to helping a classroom in OH purchase an egg incubator to study life cycles, WTS is proud to support U.S. schools.

Morris Lyon
WIN Time Guru

Region 3 Executive Director

Morris has served as a teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent in Texas schools for two decades. Morris has also served as a member and leader in statewide organizations and advocacy groups for public education.  Morris is life long learner and thinks it is critical to stay abreast of trends in education. 

Stephanie McConnell
WIN Time Guru

Principal Principles

Stephanie is currently an Assistant Superintendent in East Texas. Stephanie has co-authored WIN Time: Fearlessly Transforming Your School and Morale Magic. While implementing WIN Time as a school principal, Stephanie's school received The Blue Ribbon Award for exceptional student performance on state assessments.  

The WIN Time Software Story

Authors of the best selling book Win Time: Fearlessly Transforming Your SchoolStephanie McConnell and Morris Lyon are proud to have teamed up with software developers Class Creator to build a solution designed specifically for WIN Time.

WIN Time Software is being built from the ground up by educators, for educators. So far we have built the ability for schools to enter & triangulate student data and create WIN Time groups in the click of a button, saving schools heaps of time, ensuring resources are used efficiently and that students receive the support they need.